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At the turn of the last century, investigative journalist Ida Tarbell took on John D. Rockefeller's oil empire. Her magazine series in McClure's Magazine exposed the corruption behind the epitome of Gilded Age capitalism, and eventually led to the breakup of the Standard Oil Company's monopoly.

Tarbell is a member-based political salon that honors the spirit of Progressive Era muckrakers and brings together a new generation of writers, artists and troublemakers. When it settles into its permanent location, Tarbell will be a co-working hub during the day for grassroots politics, civic innovation, electoral reform, environmental activism and better urbanism. It will support other local independent businesses, entrepreneurs, and community groups in Lower Manhattan – fostering Main Street values in the shadow of Wall Street.

By night, Tarbell will open its doors to the public, encouraging everyone to enjoy the spirit of revolutionary leisure. Members with unfinished business can tuck away into the secret scheming room, with direct access to the bartender via a covert drink-sized window. On any given night, members and guests will find a sneak preview of a highly-anticipated documentary, a panel with brilliant young academic rebels, a political art show, or a report-back from the front lines by an investigative journalist. Meanwhile, at the bar, artful drinks will be poured and imbibed amidst the buzz of provocative conversation.

Tarbell is currently hosting pop up events and the muckraking Disorderly Conduct podcast, and looks forward to becoming a permanent gathering place where everyone can scheme and plot and create a more hopeful 21st century.

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